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Our Company

Rikter Corporation has earned a reputation for being a trusted and quality provider of web design and software development solutions since 1999.

A privately-held corporation, Rikter Web Design is comprised of a growing team of design and engineering consultants that lead engagements and develop technologies throughout the United States.  The company’s business philosophy is one that thrives on design challenges and on meeting diverse project specifications on-time and within budget.

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We design web sites for our clients that will:

Web sites should be functional, reliable, and easy-to-use.  Period.

First and foremost, web sites are business tools.  They increase sales, allow customers to interact with your business 24 hours a day, and can save money in advertising costs.  A web site should be the voice of your business. (Get started now)

Our Corporate Standards

Above all else, Rikter Corporation subscribes to the belief that web and software development is a service orientated business.

Our customers return to us time and time again for three primary reasons:

  1. Communication.  We consider clear, concise, and timely communication with our customers to be the single most important aspect of our business.  This means that emails and phone calls are answered immediately.  We dislike voicemail as much as you do.
  2. Dependability.  Completing projects on-time with a 100% satisfaction rate for our clients is how we do business.  Simply put, the project is not finished until that happens.  We strive to involve our clients every step of the way---from initial design concept to finished product.  You'd be surprised how many clients love this part. And so do we.
  3. Exceptional Quality.  We put 257% into our work.  For example, we have no limit on the number of draft revisions provided to our customers for our designs.  In other words, our customer’s final design comp is finished if, and only if, our customer is nothing short of thrilled with it.

Web Site Services

Please contact our office for a personalized quotation based on your specific design needs.

Our Studio, Tools, and Technology

Computer consulting and technical support

We use a combination of the following tools and technologies to build web sites:

By using a combination of these, as well as other technologies such as AJAX, we are firmly positioned to provide our customers with high quality, dependable, and fast-loading web and software applications.

Life is complicated enough.  Adding a web site for your business shouldn't be.

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